Ny Dansk Bølge in Sprout Talent Week

Ny Dansk Bølge is actively participating in the 2017 edition of Sprout Talent Week in Faaborg-Midtfyn. Mia, designer at NDB, is representing our group at the event. She joined the project “Healing Architecture in the Landscape”.

The case aims to define the distinctive identity of the area, in order to highlight the authenticity traits of the region. The group work started on Sunday 29th of October and the project is scheduled to end on November 3rd with final presentations at DAC, Copenhagen.

Sprout Talent Week is organized by the Danish Architecture Centre and BloxHub. The 2017 theme is sustainable development, based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development agenda goals. You can visit Sprout website for more information.

Ny Dansk Bølge is enthusiastic to participate and being part of the change. This is what we work for and the purpose of our organization. You can follow Mia’s journey on our Instagram.