Milan Design Week 2018

Ny Dansk Bølge April 25, 2018

Week 16, April 2018, Milan, Design Week.

Salone or Fuori Salone, that is the question”. Clearly, we visited them both.

The Salone del Mobile, with the companies, the showrooms and the sales personal represents the business core of the design week. Professional designers, managers and entrepreneurs presenting to the world their creations. NDB had the pleasure to visit many Danish companies and meet their representatives.


Milan, Salone del Mobile, 2018

Fuori Salone is different. It offers artistic exhibitions and the experience of the strong city vibe. And Aperitivo… So in between a Spritz, a cocktail and a beer, Milan drives you through art and design all around the city center. That’s where the creativity is. Were the energy is driven by people, by movement and sometimes by alcohol. The modern skyline and the old buildings, the fashion houses and the museums become the background for the creatives. The people.



We had an amazing experience in Milan. Ny Dansk Bølge will be back, stronger and more provocative than ever.

See you soon Salone

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