Imagination for Design

How may the unconscious be triggered to produce images which can aid the design process? What benefit might it have, if any?
With this short research question Sándor drew our attention on the topics of unconsciousness and imagination. As an explorative group of creatives, it was our duty to enroll in this study.

And so we did, we set a morning for the workshop and we left our imagination flow. The results were surprising and unique.

Our experience started with the introduction of the team carrying the research. Alongside Sándor Csiko we met Lærke Gerstard and Nikos Stavropoulos. All interdisciplinary profiles fitting in perfectly with the architecture of their research, in between psychology and design, as well as the most classic team example of IT and Product Design MSc students from SDU (Syddansk Universitet).

Johannes’ visualization of a hint

The team introduced us to the background theory of their research, from Carl Gustav Jung researches to creative problem solving. And that was exactly the scope of the experiment, explore how can we use imagination as an inspirational tool to solve concrete challenges?

We immersed ourselves into a guided meditation and visualization session that gave us the opportunity to generate images and hints. We have been guided step by step throughout a path that allowed our subconscious to construct images free from most prejudices. The experiment worked well and we all found ourselves in different contexts, with different hints and ideas flowing through our brains. We spent the following minutes discussing impressions and points of view over out thoughts.

It has been a singular and curious experience for our Ny Dansk Bølge team. We are glad we had the chance to experiment this innovative technique and to support the research, hopefully with quality insights.


Ny Dansk Bølge