NDB Mission


When a young company grows its mission risks to get lost in the process. Busy days and complex tasks to deliver put in jeopardy the focus on the company mission and vision. For this reason in Ny Dansk Bølge we decided to invest part of our time in reconciling our team with our purpose. Here is how it happened.

In NDB we spend long hours discussing about our motivations. Why our design studio needs to exist? What is our purpose in society?

With time running fast through our busy schedule we lately felt the need for resetting our motivations. Our process started with clearing up our calendar for few days, giving us the mind freedom we needed to tackle this challenge. As soon as we set down, our vision became pretty much explicit in few minutes of discussion. It was mainly a matter to find the perfect words for it, and that was not that fast. We researched company visions and missions taking inspiration from many motivating statements. After mapping our signature words we begun writing and rewriting our vision. This is the result.

“To create a new wave movement of Danish design”

Ny Dansk Bølge vision

The vision represents the fulfillment of our studio purpose. It incorporates the movement, the change, the bølge (wave). We set a strong starting point.

We moved then to our purpose, the expression of what is our studio delivering today. Our purpose is our mission, the reason why we exist here today. Same iterative process, research, inspiration, trial and error. When we reached our mission statement we decided to integrate it with a short explanation of how we work. Here for you, our revised mission statement.

“We solve communication challenges through the use of our design and strategy”

Our design is based on establishing cultures through the development of deep and rich concepts. Our work is unique and personalized to our clients’ needs. Our design is wild and passionate as a result of a free creative space

Ny Dansk Bølge mission statement

From here we run. Towards the next challenge, the next project, concentrating on our delivery and with always an eye on our purpose.

Ny Dansk Bølge team

Find our mission statement here