Who will Found the Tomorrow?


We often like to begin our reflections with a question, “how might we?” “what if?”, design ah!? The question today is “who will found the tomorrow?”. Our exploration continued recently in Copenhagen, with our friends from DareDisrupt at the Founders of Tomorrow Camp supported by the Danish Industry’s Foundation.

We (Giovanni and Mia) have shared our week with other 58 participants, the organizing team and many speakers. Worthless to say how well prepared, educated and informed were all these partners. So are the founders of tomorrow well educated? Yes they are, they share various backgrounds and they carry experiences in both academia and work environment. But the main characteristics of the founders of tomorrow are openness and curiosity. The same characteristics that drove all of us for about 12 hours a day for 5 days.

The so called founders focused their energies in solving the following challenge: how can we reduce global warming to 1.5°C? You must be optimist to tackle a challenge like this.

But why should we? Some think about apocalypse and dystopian futures, we would rather imagine a sustainable development towards the goal. A life in harmony with the rhythms of nature and a sustainable future, where we can keep exploring and building the new without constrains.
We engaged in this program because it gave us the chance to learn about technology, to gather informations and to network with people as curious as us. Following a program packed with knowledge we rediscovered our optimism for the future, because if you are one of those willing to build the future, you must be kind of optimist, don’t you?

So who will found the tomorrow? We will, both us participants in such a valuable program and those who are willing to work for a better tomorrow. We will found it because we are optimists, curious, informed, educated and conscious.

South Park, Season 10, Episode 2 “Smug alert!”