Who will Found the Tomorrow?


We often like to begin our reflections with a question, “how might we?” “what if?”, design ah!? The question today is “who will found the tomorrow?”. Our exploration continued recently in Copenhagen, with our friends from DareDisrupt at the Founders of Tomorrow Camp supported by the Danish Industry’s Foundation.

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Waves of Change

A Manifesto Creative Process

“With the virtues of our heroes, the manifesto is written to our hearts need
Down to the last detail
As those who do not lose themselves”

This is the opening paragraph of Waves of Change manifesto, written “down to the last detail” by the three founders of Ny Dansk Bølge. But how did we get there? This is the process behind the creation of Waves of Change. It is meant to be an inspiring reading for who is willing to express a dream, a guide for who wants to learn new techniques, as well as an entertaining story. This is how we cut-up our manifesto.

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Business Lunch with the Manifesto


“Did we just jump the wall?”

That has been our first feeling last Thursday, during the 2018 edition of Business Lunch at SDU Kolding. Only few months ago in fact, we participated to the same gathering, but from the student’s side. Last week, we faced the students from business’s side. This event was also a great opprtunity for us to share our Manifesto with the people around us.

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New life in old Farms



Which factor could change life in Danish countryside villages?

With this question in mind we approached our last assignment. We had the pleasure to cooperate with local companies and organizations in Bjert, Kolding. We curated the presentation event for the project “Nyt liv i gamle længer” (New life in old farms).

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