Fjordens Træ

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“Jeg er Fjordens Træ. Min stamme er af træ fra fjorden. Jeg bringer fjordens sjæl til dig og varsler forandring og udvikling”

In the Southern Marina of Kolding a monolith has risen to mark the beginning of change.

Created in materials found in the nature around the fjord. The sculpture represents the feeling and senses of the fjord and should be percieved as a token of the changes that will take place on the location. Like nature and the seasons the monolith itself will evolve, change and break down over time. Users of the marina can help the sculpture with this break down process by feeding it water.


Kolding Kommune – By- og Udviklingsforvaltningen


Marina Syd – Kolding


Civic & Public, Exhibition Design


Woodworking, Foraging, Crafting, Illustration

Mixed materials: Plywood, driftwood